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If you can afford it, please consider making a donation to our campaign to get an Independent candidate, representing Dublin Bay South, into Dáil Éireann.

Go raibh míle maith agat,


Reconnect the people with the Dáil.
Focus on the people, and the needs of the people, by creating a united fairer society based on values and trust in each other and not on political false promise.

Dublin City Councillor since 2008.

Working For:
Re-establishing Garda Presence - Overhaul of Policing Resources & Practices - Access to Education & HousingPublic AmenitiesGreening of the City – Greater use of our Waterways – Evening Economy – Noise Control Measures – Community ParticipationMarket EconomyEquitable Tax Service - Small & Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) – Artists Live/Work Spaces – Senior Citizens – Disabled Citizens – Student Accommodation – State Transparency Post Office Services - Enhanced Primary Care & Mental Health Facilities – Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation – Appropriate Youth Services – Access to support & services for the Self Employed – Reform of Current Licensing Laws

Fighting Against:
Crime - Corruption - Barriers to Trade for SMEs - Universal Social Charge (USC) - Waste in Public Services - Wasteful Quangos (including Irish Water) – Injecting Centres – DublinTown/BID (No Right to Exit) – Destruction of our Built Heritage – InequalityChild Abuse – Secrecy – Unfairness – Exclusion – Discrimination – Zero Hour ContractsHomelessnessCronyismClassism – Traveller Discrimination

  It's like this..

Dear Voter,

I am asking you to give me your number 1 vote.

I believe that as an Independent, I am uniquely placed to make a significant contribution to the workings of Dáil Éireann, if you give me the chance to do so. I was born and grew up in Mercer Street, off St Stephen’s Green and have lived most of my life in the city centre where I have worked as a writer and public artist.

Seven years ago I was first elected as an Independent to Dublin City Council and returned at the subsequent election with a significantly increased vote. I have participated fully in the work of the Council, serving on many committees including the appointment as Chair to the South East Area Policing Committee and the Dublin City Council Contracts Committee. I also serve as a Commissioner for Irish Lights.

I believe that this constituency and this country are best served by independent action and independent policies. I have been independent all my life. Through sometimes bitter experience I understand how systems work, all sorts of systems. I know how they can intimidate, but I am not afraid of them. I am not afraid to stand up, not afraid to be heard and not afraid to demand accountability either from systems or from the people who manage them.

I have worked hard to contribute to the proper development of our capital city. A Dublin that we can all be confident in and derive benefit from. A city for everyone that is properly serviced and managed to the highest standard. My focus will be on health, housing, education and job creation. To grow the city along the same lines as progressive European cities, attractive for families and children and making it safe, secure and enjoyable for all.

I believe that my work record demonstrates that I can be a catalyst for change and progressive policies if elected to Dáil Éireann.



Mannix Flynn


 As I see it..

My priorities before agreeeing to work with any party in the next Dail:

  • Establish a national task force to tackle the housing crisis and homeless emergency
  • Fairer and equal society
  • Participation at every level for all citizens
  • Access to Education
  • Enhanced primary care facilities
  • Immediate 5 year program to tackle drug and alcohol problem
  • An end to the Irish Water Company
  • Supporting the retention of our Post Offices in our communities
  • Securing greater supports and amenities for our elderly senior citizens
  • Proper investment for services with disability
  • Greater services for mental health
  • A fit for purpose youth service that engages and involves young people within our communities
  • Overhaul of alcohol and drug strategies and rehabilitation treatment services
  • Extra Gardaí, more safety measures on our streets
  • Creation of cultural workspaces and workshops for artists
  • Protecting our built heritage
  • Expanding and growing the evening economy, creating of night markets
  • Greater opportunities for the self-employed
  • De-cluttering of cumbersome legislation that impacts on SME’s
  • The right to exit from the BID/DublinTown (Business Improvement District) for business people
  • A complete overhaul of the licensing laws

 About Mannix Flynn

Mannix Flynn has served at all levels in Dublin City Council as an Independent for the past 7 years.

He has championed, positive social change and 21st century enlightenment, bedded in accountability, good governance and transparency. He has worked tirelessly within communities on housing and policing issues resulting in the deployment of extra Gardaí and safety policies within our city.

Mannix is active in city regeneration within the business community, focusing on reductions in overall commercial and domestic charges and better incentives which will enhance economic competitiveness and community cohesion.

Mannix is an internationally respected advocate for child welfare and protection.

He is a keen supporter for strong vibrant communities, knowing that best opportunities are found in the way we relate to one another. Cultural values and an appreciation of the physicality of the built and natural elements of our city is what builds a flourishing and sustainable society.

He believes strongly in a health strategy approach in the treatment of substance abuse while advocating for greater investment in residential rehabilitation.

Mannix is a member of Aosdána.

Member of the Board of:
  • Chair of the South East Area policing committee.
  • Chair of Dublin City Councils contract committee.
  • Chair of the Whitefriar St/Charelmont St public safety forum.
  • Board member Charlemont Street/ffrench Mullen regeneration
  • Board member of The Hugh Lane Gallery.
  • A commissioner for Irish lights and board member.
  • Board member of Temple Bar Cultural Trust.
  • Board member of Swan Leisure centre.
  • Board member of BID (business improvement district).
  • He is a member of Dublin City Councils Traffic and Transport (SPC) and Environment and Engineering SPC.

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